Bơm Hải Cẩu -Walrus pump (PW-A Series)

Bơm Hải Cẩu -Walrus pump (PW-A Series)

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Bơm Hải Cẩu - Walrus pump

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Bơm Hải Cẩu -Walrus pump (PW-A Series)

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Model : PW-A Series
Submersible Pump

Link download Catalog: PW-A Series

Perfomance Curves:

 Coverage of Application:


1. To be used to circulate water in garden ponds
2. To be applicable to the sprinkler for vegetations of parks.
3. Watering in the garden and washing car.
4. To drain the accumulated water for basement of residence.
5. To drain the ground water.
6. To drain accumulated water for civil and architecture engineering.
7. The “R” type available to used in sea fish breeding.
8. The “C” type equipped level regulator.
9. The “D” type low suction capability up to 3 mm


1. Submersible pumps for clean water.
2. Corrosion-resistant and compact.
3. Built-in capacitor.
4. Supplied with power cable with plug.
5. Motor with thermo overload protection.


Power supply: single-phase 50 or 60 Hz
Power: 100W to 400W
Insulation class: B
Protection: IP68
Length of cable: 4 or 5 m
10 m (Optional)


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